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Definition of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment , before we discuss about it, first I want you to know the definition of Erectile Dysfunction. Some doctors have different opinions in defining erectile dysfunction or impotence. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines erectile dysfunction as Erectile Dysfunction that occurs for at least 3 months. That is less than 3 months can not be categorized as erectile dysfunction.

Definition of erectile dysfunction

While on the Wikipedia site, it is known that the definition of erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability of the penis to an erection hard or keep it hard when the sexual activity with a partner.

Problems that can not be hard erection usually transient and not be noticed by the patient. But if erectile dysfunction (impotence) experienced gone on long enough, causing stress, cause problems with his wife and or has affected confidence levels, then it is a sign for a doctor treatment immediately.

Although many men are embarrassed to see a sex therapist or a doctor for consultation regarding erectile problems experienced, it was necessary for erection dysfunction could be a sign of health conditions that need to be addressed such as heart disease and diabetes. By knowing and addressing the cause of disease, the treatment of erectile dysfunction can be done properly.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction symptoms?

Because of cases of erectile dysfunction are usually unique and influenced by psychological circumstances, the patient needs to pay attention to the quality of erections in some of the following conditions:

– When making out / foreplay, the penile erection should hard, especially if the couple gave stimulus long enough in the genital area.
– When penetration into the vagina, the penis must be pretty tough and edgy in order to penetrate the vagina wife.
– When performing activities intercourse, the penis will move repeatedly in the vagina. At that time, the penis must be in a state of a hard erection until ejaculation occurs.

From the above categories, we can create the same sense of erectile dysfunction. In normal circumstances, the penis an erection when through the three steps above. When the penis is erect often fail in one or more of the conditions above, it means there is erectile dysfunction or impotence. How Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

The penis is actually a collection of flesh and blood vessels are spineless, he can only hard and tense when filled with blood, there are several conditions that can penis erection as hard as physical health, psychological and supportive situation. There is a problem on one of these things will affect the quality of the erect penis.

Many couples who have intercourse two or three times a week, which means eight to twelve times a month, meaning that in three months about 30 to 40 times the husband failed erections can only be categorized as suffering from erectile dysfunction.

However, in general, this impotence is a sign of health problems that require treatment, so what is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. Sexual harassment can also be a sign of emotional problems or relationship with couples who require consultation with a professional

So it can be concluded that the definition of erectile dysfunction (impotence) is true is the inability to get or maintain an erection hard enough for sexual intercourse, where the condition has occurred in the vulnerable period of one to three months.

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What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence, Definition, and Causes

About impotence, What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence,  Definition, and Causes

What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence,  Definition, and Causes | Impotence or Erectile dysfunction can not be denied is the very thing feared by man, not only affects the confidence, impotence can also lead to cracking of sexual relationships should be able to provide comfort for a couple
In this post, I will try to explain a little bit about the definition of what causes impotence and inability to maintain the erection of the penis during intercourse.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is often called (ED) is a sexual inability to maintain an erection in sexual activity. Erection of the penis is the hardening process is influenced by the influx of blood into the spongy tissue in the organ or penis. This happens because of their sexual desire is a reaction of the brain that receives commands that stimulus. The main cause of impotence is diabetes, neurologic problems, hormone influence, and because of the use of drugs that cause side effects

In some cases, impotence can also be caused by the influence of the mind or psychological, this condition occurs when the ability of penile erection was not optimal due to disturbance of mind and feelings. Low self-esteem, a heavy workload, the condition of the household are the things that cause erectile disorder because of the psychological effect.
How to know that someone is experiencing erectile dysfunction caused by psychological influences, characterized by the impotence inability someone in maintaining his erection repeatedly, if on waking condition of penile erection, it can be concluded that the physical structure did not a problem. So that the mind factor had been the cause was not able to erect penis.

What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence, Definition, and Causes

What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence,  Definition, and Causes

Other causes of impotence are the influence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, renal failure, and lifestyle. Smoking is one of the main causes of impotence, because smokers have a risk of heart attacks and narrowing of the arteries.
In some circumstances, surgery can treat impotence caused by the disease, usually by improving conditions that impede blood flow and nerve repair. If a surgical procedure is done properly, in many cases it succeeds in restoring erectile ability and restore a person’s sex life for the better, but there is also this will not effect at all on the condition of seduction.

A healthy lifestyle seems to be a natural choice to treat impotence, for example by regularly cycling, as with regular exercise will make the body more fit and automated blood flow and improve heart function. In this case, affect the smooth flow of blood to the penis so that erection can last longer.
What is Impotence, Knowing Impotence,  Definition, and Causes, hopefully, it can give a little introduction on the causes and definition of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Some effort to cure impotence I will try to discuss in the next post.